Rookies is a mentored league played at Hansen Golf Course and includes 3 lessons at Kettle Hills Golf Course. Volunteer experienced EWGA members will walk along with league foursomes to be available for questions and provide helpful tips on golf etiquette.  For example, pointers on where to be in the best position to be prepared to hit your next golf shot and keep the pace of play moving will be given.  This is a great opportunity for new or returning golfers to get out on the course and be able to ask questions and to become comfortable with golf league play in a fun no pressure way.  Susie Hartfield, LPGA teaching pro, will help golfers with playing tips during 11/2 hour group lessons geared to prepare new golfers.

Rookies Monday Mentor League Sheet
10 week session on Monday nights 5:30 p.m. - Hansen (Mentored League) & Kettle Hills Golf Course (Lessons)


Hansen Saturday league has two sessions each played at Hansen Golf Course

Hansen League Sheet - Hansen Session 1 Saturday

Hansen League Sheet - Hansen Session 2 Saturday