League Rules

You must be a current Women Who Play member to join a league or be a substitute. However, if you are brand new to Women Who Play and have not yet attained your intended membership, you may register for leagues. Our guest policy encourages guest participation, but limits the prospective member to attending two golfing occasions per season (weekend outings and leagues). Check with the League Site Captain before bringing a guest as a sub.

League Fees 
Most cover green fees only. Riding carts and range balls are optional depending on the league.

If unable to play you are responsible for obtaining a sub. Go to the Leagues SUB LISTS web site. There is a system set up just follow the instructions. Your request will go to people interested in subbing for your league and to the League Captain.  Arrangements, including payment, are agreed to between you and the Sub. You should inform the Site Captain who the sub is - copying the Captain on a confirmation email to the Sub works well.

If you are unable to attend and will not be pursuing a sub, inform your Captain. This is for all leagues, and is most important for Milwaukee County leagues where there is a Chapter benefit from the County for timely reporting. County courses (and all courses potentially) may then possibly reschedule tee times. All of us will benefit from your cooperation, thank you.

To be a Sub, go to the Leagues - SUB LISTS web site and just follow the instructions.
Any prizes are awarded for league play are not eligible for subs to win.

Scoring and Handicaps 
League members are encouraged to establish a handicap during the season.
For handicap purposes, and also to track your progress,  you are also encouraged to keep score on your own or a shared scorecard for each round.  Be sure to sign, date and attest the cards.

Pairings will be determined by the individual Site Captains. Leagues most always encourage revolving pairings to encourage the ability to golf with all members of the league.

Each foursome will have a member designated as a Pacesetter. It will be her responsibility to make sure that the foursome maintains pace of play and fun quotient.

For our new and beginner golfers, the maximum score allowed on any hole is 10. If you are having trouble on the fairway, pick up after 8 strokes (including whiffs) and drop the ball within one pin length of the hole and take a maximum of two putts.

If you suspect you will be unable to find your ball, or it is out-of-bounds, hit a provisional ball. Limit your search to 3 minutes.

Assist other players with league or USGA rules of golf, if they are new to the game or not aware of them.

Most Important - Have fun!