Why Do I Need a Handicap?

Why Do I Need a Handicap?

Handicapped for Success: Why do I need a golf handicap?

For newcomers and seasoned golfers alike, getting a Handicap Index and understanding it can be one of the great mysteries of golf. But it doesn’t need to be.

Let’s start with the first big question, “Why do I even need a handicap?”

A golf handicap makes it possible for fair competition between players of different ability whether it’s in competitive matches, a friendly wager between friends, or a skins game with money on the line just like the Pros! To put it simply, handicaps are equalizers. If you get invited to play in a company or charity golf tournament, they will likely want to know your handicap in order to make the event fair for everyone.

Keeping a handicap is a great way to track your improvement throughout the season. As you improve, you can expect to see your handicap gradually go down. You can even use your handicap posting service to track your game statistics like number of putts, fairways hit in regulation, greens hit in regulation, etc. which will give you valuable information on areas where you might need to focus your learning and practice.

A member from another chapter shared another reason for keeping a handicap, “Since I started keeping a handicap, I started playing by the rules of golf. Now, I play all penalties, (out-of-bounds, lost balls, unplayable lies, etc.), and I never take mulligans or gimme putts. I always play the ball as it lies (no rolling or cleaning the ball unless “lift, clean, and place” is in effect). Now when I say I shot a certain score, it is really the score that I shot, not the score I might have shot or should have shot.”

See maintaining a handicap is not only for players who participate in tournaments.

Now that you know a few good reasons for getting a handicap, you can start establishing your handicap this season.  One of the many benefits of your Women Who Play membership is the GolfNet handicap system.  Join us at a Rules and Etiquette session to learn how to enter scores in

  1. GolfNet or start exploring yourself: Go to LPGA Women Who Play

  2. Click on the Sign In link at the top right of the screen

  3. On the left menu. Select handicap and you will be directed to score posting

When you register for your league, don’t forget to sign up for one of the Rules and Etiquette Sessions a nominal fee of $5.00 will be collected for pizza served during the session.

Rules & Etiquette Sessions:

We will update when more sessions are scheduled.