Handicap Strokes

Handicap Strokes

      Your Course Handicap tells you how many strokes you will receive.

         For example:  A player has a 28 handicap so she will receive 28 strokes, thats one handicap stroke on every hole plus an additional stroke on the handicap holes #1 through #10.  18 strokes + 10 strokes = 28 strokes

Scores you should post

         Post scores from all types of games including match play, stroke play and team competitions.

         Post all nine hole rounds and eighteen hole rounds. 

         Post when you play 7 out of 9 holes or 13 out of 18 holes.

When not to post

         You played less than 7 holes.

         The tournament restricted the clubs you used – such as an irons only competition.

         When an 18 hole course is < 3000 yards or a 9 hole course is < 1500 yards.

         A majority of the holes were not played according the Rules of Golf (scramble)

         The area in which you played is currently in an inactive season.

How to post

         The Women Who Play handicap system is internet based so you can post from any computer that has internet access.

         In order to post you need the name of the course, the date you played, the tees you played from and your total score.

         Your total score is the sum of the following:

       The number of times you hit the ball.

       The number of times you intended to hit the ball but missed it

     Any penalty strokes.

     Adjust your score for Equitable Stroke Control before posting.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

         We all have some exceptionally bad holes from time to time so the rules give us a method of adjusting those scores.

         Using this chart, you can determine the maximum number of strokes you can have on any hole.

         All scores are reduced for ESC before posting – even tournaments.

         There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player may adjust their score.

ESC Chart

Course Handicap

Max of Strokes

9 or less

Double bogie







40 and over



Uncompleted holes

         Post the score you most likely would have gotten had you finished.

         You are the sole judge of what score you believe you would have gotten.

         Always adjust these holes for ESC.

         Post par plus any handicap strokes you get on that hole.

          Example:  You did not play the 18th hole; its a par 4.  You check the scorecard and find that it is the #5 handicap hole.  You are a 30 handicap so you receive 2 handicap strokes on this hole.
Par 4 + 2 strokes = 6; you will post a 6 for this hole