Golf Etiquette

Before you Play

  • Arrive early for your tee time so you have ample time to check-in and get ready. A half hour is a good rule of thumb.
  • Each player must have her own set of clubs and a bag.

On the Course Etiquette

  • Be quiet and still while others are hitting.
  • Do not stand directly behind players that are hitting.  
  • Be sure that your equipment and your cart are out of the way when others are hitting.
  • Position yourself such that you are out of  the way of potential errant shots:)

On the Tee and in the Fairway

  • Do not hit into the group ahead of you. 
  • If your shot is straying near other golfers, yell 'fore' early and loudly so that the players in danger have a chance to react and protect themselves. 
  • If you hit your ball into another fairway, do not disrupt the play of the group on that hole. If you need to wait to hit out of another fairway, others in your group should go ahead and hit while you are waiting.
  • Try to avoid a lost ball by watching it throughout its flight, marking the landing spot, and then walking directly to it. For informal golf, if you are unable to locate your ball, toss another ball in the vicinity of the landing spot. This will alleviate the time needlessly spent trying to find a lost ball. When playing in a tournament, you must go back to where you last hit your golf ball and hit another ball.
  • Always replace your divots. Some nicer courses prefer that you fill divots with seed that they provide on each golf cart.

In Bunkers

  • Enter the bunker such that you will have to walk across the least amount of sand to play your shot. 
  • Always rake the bunker when you are done. Fill and smooth out footprints and stroke marks.

On and Around the Green

  • Do not bring golf bags or pull-carts onto the green. Leave bags on the side or in back of the green nearest the next tee.
  • Avoid stepping on other people's putting 'line'. The 'line' is the likely path the ball will take on its way to the hole. 
  • Do not leave scrape marks or drag your spikes on the green. 
  • Repair ball marks on the green. Do so with a ball mark repair tool by inserting the ball mark around the edges of the mark and pulling your hand toward the center of the mark. Then tap it down flat with the bottom of your putter. Do not pull your hand away such that the center of the mark lifts up. This dislodges the roots of the grass and kills it. Try to repair your ball mark plus one other on every green.
  • When tending the flagstick, stand on the side of the hole away from where the curve of the green will take the putt. Be sure that your shadow is not over the line of the putt or the hole. On windy days, grasp the flag to keep it from flapping.
  • Leave the green immediately when play has been completed. This action will signal the group behind you to continue play. 
  • Record scores on the way to the next tee or at the tee itself.                                               

Golf Cart Etiquette

  • Know cart rules before you play. Depending on the conditions and the weather, a course may not allow power carts on the fairway or may be enforcing the 90 degree rule. The 90 degree rule means that you should drive on the cart path until you are even with your ball. You should then drive straight out to your ball, hit, and then drive straight back to the cart path.
  • Do not park your cart such that other vehicles cannot pass it.
  • Golf carts should always be kept at least 30 feet, often further as marked by the course, from the greens.