Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Active Golf Season?

  • The Active Season as defined by the WSGA is April 1st to October 31st.

When do I need to enter my scores?

  • Scores for golf rounds played this season must be entered into the WSGA or the Women Who Play GN21 handicap systems by October 31st to be included in the November 1st Last Handicap Index Update.

What if I play after October 31st?

  • Golf scores for rounds played during the Inactive Season in cold weather states such as Wisconsin are not accepted as handicap scores and should not be entered.
  • All rounds played in states observing a winter active season such as Arizona and Florida should be entered in the usual way. These scores will be stored and use for the next Handicap computation in April.

What is a USGA Handicap Index?

  • The USGA Handicap System is the method that best allows golfers of all abilities to compete on an equal basis on any given course.

How is the index computed?

  • Your handicap index is figured according to a mathematical formula and is based on your score, as well as the length and difficulty of the course you play

What is the handicap based on?

  • It is based on the best scores over a given number of rounds, ideally the best 10 scores of your last 20 rounds. However, you only need 5 scores to establish a handicap index.