Handicapping allows golfers of all abilities to compete with each other on an equal basis on any given course. A Handicap Index represents your scoring potential, not just an average of your scores. All members of EWGA are encouraged to maintain a handicap index. Having a handicap index not only allows you to enter competitions, it allows you to be grouped fairly for other EWGA outings and provides a way to measure your progress and development as a golfer. Establishing and maintaining a Handicap Index is a great way for you to see how your golf game progresses through the season and from year to year.

Maintaining a handicap index also will make you eligible for Chapter end-of-year awards at the Fall Celebration/Annual Meeting.

You have 2 options for establishing your handicap with EWGA: EWGA or WSGA

For WSGA Handicap to read more and/or register click on

Questions? Email: Handicap