Rules & Etiquette Meetings - 2017 Info coming soon

Each spring EWGA hosts Rules & Etiquette Meetings that are open to all EWGA members. If you plan to join a League or sign up as a sub, we strongly encourage you to attend one session each year.

The WSGA, WI State Golf Association will discuss how to apply the rules of golf in the most common situations during your round  (what to do when your ball is resting on the cart path or in the in the water hazard and it is staked red or yellow).  You will break into two groups and you will head outside (weather permitting) for physical demonstrations.  There will be also be Q and A period.  You will also learn about pace of play, etiquette on the golf course and what a handicap is and how to create. 

Clinics cost just $5 and includes pizza

Golf Tips

Mosquitos love to join your foursome.  You can stay focused on your game if you properly use your bug repellent.
Many people prefer the spray on bug repellent.  If this is the kind you keep in your golf bag, please remember to apply it while on a cart path or in the parking lot before your round.  The ingredients in the spray damage the grass.The picture below is a good reminder that even applying your spray near the tee box can cause damage.


Pace of Play

 Pace of Play Tips

  1. Arrive at the golf course in plenty of time to be prepared for your golf game.
    1. At least 30 minutes before your tee time
    2. Have everything you need - Plenty of balls, tees, and ball markers
    3. Distinctly mark several of your golf balls (i.e. dots, name, etc. with a permanent marker)
  1. Play Ready golf. This means:
    1. Tee off as soon as enough members have arrived and the starter approves. On subsequent tees, if the player with honors is not prepared, another player should set up and tee off.
    2. If you must take a practice swing, limit it to one.
    3. Proceed directly to your own ball. Do not hang back, especially if you are on the other side of the fairway from the away golfer.
    4. In the fairway always be ready to hit. Ready Golf means to hit (safely) when ready, without distracting your partners. Walk briskly between shots.
    5. While waiting to hit, survey your shot, select your clubs, take them from your bag, and stand ready to set up and make your shot.
    6. Watch other's shots, as well as your own, this will reduce the time spent looking for lost golf balls. Hit a provisional ball whenever in doubt. Spend no more than 5 minutes looking for a lost ball. If the lost ball is not yours, look for it after you have hit your ball.
    7. Pace yourself by focusing on the golf group ahead of you, not behind you. You should be one (1) stroke behind the group in front of you.

On The Green

  1. Always leave your clubs at the back or side of the green closest to the next tee.
  2. On the green, line up your putt as others are putting out; use continuous putting (rather than marking putts close to the hole) and do not spend too much time with each putt.
  3. Manage the pin: the golfer closest to the hole should tend the pin and the first person to putt out should be ready to replace it.
  4. Exit the green and tally your score at the next tee.


  1. Walk briskly to your ball; think about your next shot, strategy, and club selection in Advance.
  2. First hit your shot, then look for a partners lost ball.
  3. Line up a putt Before it is your turn, putt out immediately if you are not in someone's line.
  4. Always Be Ready to Play!

Each Spring, several Rules & Ettiquette sessions are held at New Berlin Hills. 

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